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Jumping Ship

Ok, I’m out of here.  Much like everyone else, I am tired of MLB and the great “upgrade” forced upon us.  Too many problems and there is a nice bright new sparkley blog space to go to.  You can find me here


1 Down 161 To Go

Disappointing night for season opening game.  If you reading this I’m sure you are familar with the game played.  At least the burden of a perfect season is out of the way. 

Millwood looked very good in his first start.  Michael Young was outstanding at the plate but gave up a costly error in the game.  Gerald was lucky on one assist that the ball did not fly out into the outfield when he gunned down a potential steal of second.  Lucky bounce.  It kinda of reminded me of the infielder for the Twins that used to bounce his throws to first on the Metrodome astroturf.  David Murphy was the silent star of the game as well.  Two hits and a RBI.  He just looks great and is overshadowed by the other stars.  Murphy is the silent anchor in the bottom the batting order.  I have a great deal of confidence in him every time he comes to the plate.

I have a great deal of faith in the Rangers for this season.  I think if all goes well, they can contend.  At least we should see exciting baseball this year.  We are going to witness the foundation of the solid franchise in 2008.  A precurser to greater things for years to come.

The Pit is making a road trip to OKC this Sunday to see the Redhawks play and visit Kameron.  We can’t wait for opening day in Arlington, so we have to get a little baseball in OKC to appease us until Tuesday.

Go Rangers!

Heavy Hearts

Tough break for Kameron Loe.  He has been optioned to AAA Oklahoma City and will not break camp with the Rangers this year.  I know that he will be back up with the big club later in the year.  He had a rough spring and could not avoid the long ball.  One thing about the Rangers pitching staff is that is a very fluid segment of the roster and Kam will no doubt be back up in Arlington soon.  Until then the Snake Pit will be here when he returns.

Go Rangers!

Home From Spring Training

We are home from Surprise and exhausted.  What can I say, it is great fun for the baseball loving fools that we are. 

I have tons of pictures and hope to get some more of them posted soon.  It will take me a while to sort through the 400 or so shots we took.  I have posted some already but we have lots more.

The Rangers staff was great, the players were great, the Surprise complex was great, and the weather was great.  Do you get the idea that I thought it was great?

We are ready for the season to begin.  We are working on where we will have dinner and watch the game Monday when the Rangers open in Seattle.  I sure it will be some place with a large TV and good food.

Go Rangers!

Saturday in Surprise

Another great day at Spring Training.  We spent the morning at the practice fields.  It is nice to be able to take part in spring training as fans.  We tried to check out the White Sox in Tucson on Wednesday but security would not let us in.  I guess not all teams allow full access by the fans.  THANK YOU RANGERS!  We are lucky enough sit in the same bleachers as Nolan Ryan or JD and check out the minor league games.  TOO COOL!

Caught the Saturday afternoon game in Peoria against Seattle.  Rough start for Hurley.  He got knocked around pretty good in the first inning, 4 runs and 6 hits.  He regrouped and came back to spread 4 hits and 1 run over the next 4 innings.  Not a bad recovery for the young man.  CJ and Benoit are back and impressive as ever.  Ian and Michael are a great 1-2 punch in the offense.  I think I like the idea of them 1 and 2 in the batting order. 

Note to others, do not sit in the metal bleacher in Peoria on a afternoon game.  Hot, uncomfortable, and squashed in with the strangest people I have sat with in a long time.  We should have sat in the grass in the outfield.  When you are in Arizona and watching baseball in the afternoon, metal bleachers are a very bad idea.  I think I walked out of the game cooked medium well and insane.  The Rangers winning made it bearable though.

Go Rangers! 

A Great Day

It was a FULL day at camp today.  Wow!!  I’ve got a steady diet of baseball and more baseball.  12 full hours of hit, run, field, pitch, spit, scratch, and bunts.  Drills early in the AM, two minor league games in the afternoon, and a sold out record game for the night cap.  We met Nolan Ryan and got several autographs.  Aubrey played all day with Scott Coolbaughs kids.  I chatted up baseball with all who would hear me.  I even got a couple of Michael Young autographs.  I talked with J.D., Jamey Newberg, Nolan, Sunny, and various other Ranger staff.  Heck I even had a long conversation with the security gaurd at the front gate.

Talked at length with John Rheinecker about his recovery from injury.  We had struck up a friendship with John on the cruise last November and it was good to see him again.  I can only give him all my best and hope he recovers soon from surgery and is back on the bump for us soon. 

Got to visit briefly with Kameron.  I made sure to let him know that Angel is doing in fine.  We are pulling for him to make the final roster cut.  I know that he will.  He is a good pitcher and he should be there opening day. 

I got a big hug from C.J. Wilson.  I haven’t seen him since February 1st when I took photos for him and Robert at their Guitar Hero Charity Benifit.

We will do it again tomorrow.  I really enjoy watching the minor league games.  It is great to see the young up and coming players.  It is just awesome to have some many games going on around you with so much talent on all sides.  It is almost overwhelming at all that is going on.

I have posted a few spring training photos on the site and plan on putting up some more later.

If you ever get a chance to come to spring training, I highly recommend it.  There is nothing like it.  It is especially great for the kids.  They get to watch, talk, and hang out with all the players up close and personal.  Great fun!

Well off to bed and back at it tomorrow.

Go Rangers!