1 Down 161 To Go

Disappointing night for season opening game.  If you reading this I’m sure you are familar with the game played.  At least the burden of a perfect season is out of the way. 

Millwood looked very good in his first start.  Michael Young was outstanding at the plate but gave up a costly error in the game.  Gerald was lucky on one assist that the ball did not fly out into the outfield when he gunned down a potential steal of second.  Lucky bounce.  It kinda of reminded me of the infielder for the Twins that used to bounce his throws to first on the Metrodome astroturf.  David Murphy was the silent star of the game as well.  Two hits and a RBI.  He just looks great and is overshadowed by the other stars.  Murphy is the silent anchor in the bottom the batting order.  I have a great deal of confidence in him every time he comes to the plate.

I have a great deal of faith in the Rangers for this season.  I think if all goes well, they can contend.  At least we should see exciting baseball this year.  We are going to witness the foundation of the solid franchise in 2008.  A precurser to greater things for years to come.

The Pit is making a road trip to OKC this Sunday to see the Redhawks play and visit Kameron.  We can’t wait for opening day in Arlington, so we have to get a little baseball in OKC to appease us until Tuesday.

Go Rangers!


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