A Great Day

It was a FULL day at camp today.  Wow!!  I’ve got a steady diet of baseball and more baseball.  12 full hours of hit, run, field, pitch, spit, scratch, and bunts.  Drills early in the AM, two minor league games in the afternoon, and a sold out record game for the night cap.  We met Nolan Ryan and got several autographs.  Aubrey played all day with Scott Coolbaughs kids.  I chatted up baseball with all who would hear me.  I even got a couple of Michael Young autographs.  I talked with J.D., Jamey Newberg, Nolan, Sunny, and various other Ranger staff.  Heck I even had a long conversation with the security gaurd at the front gate.

Talked at length with John Rheinecker about his recovery from injury.  We had struck up a friendship with John on the cruise last November and it was good to see him again.  I can only give him all my best and hope he recovers soon from surgery and is back on the bump for us soon. 

Got to visit briefly with Kameron.  I made sure to let him know that Angel is doing in fine.  We are pulling for him to make the final roster cut.  I know that he will.  He is a good pitcher and he should be there opening day. 

I got a big hug from C.J. Wilson.  I haven’t seen him since February 1st when I took photos for him and Robert at their Guitar Hero Charity Benifit.

We will do it again tomorrow.  I really enjoy watching the minor league games.  It is great to see the young up and coming players.  It is just awesome to have some many games going on around you with so much talent on all sides.  It is almost overwhelming at all that is going on.

I have posted a few spring training photos on the site and plan on putting up some more later.

If you ever get a chance to come to spring training, I highly recommend it.  There is nothing like it.  It is especially great for the kids.  They get to watch, talk, and hang out with all the players up close and personal.  Great fun!

Well off to bed and back at it tomorrow.

Go Rangers!



  1. Jon

    I hate to say this (I hope you don’t get mad at me), but I’m kind of doubting your boy Kam will make the 25-man roster this year.

    He has really struggled this spring (his 4 home runs surrendered lead the team), and with Jamey Wright having locked up the long releiver job, I don’t think he’s got much of a shot. The only scenario I see him making it in is if Eddie Guardado starts the season on the DL, and the Rangers want to carry two long guys in the bullpen till April 12th – and even then, he’s probably heading back to OKC once Luis Mendoza gets called up.

    I know we’ll see Kam sometime later this year though – maybe he can use the time in AAA to work on his secondary pitches. If he could just control his curve a little better, he’d be lights out – here’s hoping we see a rejuvinated Kam with a better curveball sometime later this year.

    But don’t worry, you guys won’t be the only one with one of your faves stuck in AAA – one of mine, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, seems headed for Oklahoma as well. Which stinks, because we have to watch Gerald Laird spare things up in the meanwhile.

    I’ve got a Ranger blog too, hope you’ll stop by – I’m looking forward to reading more about your spring trip. Best wishes to you guys out there!


  2. Micah

    Great photos!! Great stories, too. I’m hoping to get to ST at some point, but with my current job it’s hard to be gone for any extended time, and I have no one to help shoulder the financial burden of a trip (hotels are the highest expense). Soo….it may be awhile…

    Looking forward to seeing the Snake Pit and hearing about ST in a few weeks!!


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