The Travel Time is Worth It

We spent a little time at the practice fields this morning before heading to Tucson for the 1pm game against the Diamondbacks.  Millwood had his first start of the Cactus League today and we did not want to miss it.  Millwood’s five innings of work was well worth the drive time.  We sat right behind the Rangers dugout and enjoyed the whole game.  Millwood walked off the mound after a 5 inning, 3 hit, 5 strikeout, 1 walk, and zero run performance.  His only shaky inning was the first but he was saved by a wonderful outfield assist by Byrd to cut down the Diamondbacks only threat at home plate.  As sweet it was to watch Millwood, Littleton’s one inning was very painful.  Poor Wes did not have a good day at all. 

At the plate the day belonged to Salty and Hank.  Both hit doubles and home-runs.  Josh Hamilton even got in on the party with a blistering ground ball double past second.  Everything thing Josh hit was hard and solid. 

Tomorrow should be even better than today.  We will catch all the minor league games in the morning and polish off the day with a night game against the Angels.

Dinner and bed.  A lot more baseball tomorrow.

Go Rangers!


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