We’re Here

Finally we are in Arizona.  The Rangers were off today, Wednesday, so we spent our first day hanging out in Tucson.  We watched an epic battle of poor pitching in a 12-12 tie between the Rockies and White Sox.  Thome hit a lazer beam home run to right that cleared the stadium and into the parking lot.  It was a very impressive shot.  I had to get that first game of the year out of the way.  I had my first hot dog, pepsi, and peanuts of the year.  That kicks off six months of ball park food and 15 pounds. 

The next three days, Thursday thru Saturday, will be nothing  but Rangers, Rangers, Rangers.  I have the digital camera and video camera charged up for Josh Hamilton and his legandary batting practice sessions.  Three days of back field minor league games.  Three days of pitcher bunt and pick off drills.  Three days of talking baseball with anyone that I can corner for conversation.  I must have had four or five long conversations with Rockies fans today. 

We will get to see Milton Bradley’s debut in Cactus League play this weekend.  I hope he does well. 

It will most certainly be an exciting and exhausting three days.  By the time we get home Sunday, we will be pumped for opening day.  I will consume all the baseball and Rangers I can during this trip.  I cannot wait.

Go Rangers! 


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