A Little Fun In The Sun

Just 10 days to go until a little R & R in the sun.  The Snake Pit family will take a nice 10 day vacation over spring break.  Half of that time will be spent in sunny southern California visiting my uncle.  He is a long time employee of The Disneyland park.  I had to give the kids a couple of days at Disneyland and California Adventure so I can get a little time in Surprise with The Rangers.  It will be a great time.  We’ll load up The Snake Pit Luxury Conversion Van and make the 20 hour trek to Orange County. We will hit Surprise on the return trip home and spend a few days there taking in all the Baseball I can consume in three days. 

The family road trips have always been the greatest fun for the Snake Pit clan.  The kids sit in back consuming all the DVD, PS2, Music, Books, and sleep they can handle.  My lovely wife, Erin, and I sit up front and pilot the clan to togetherness and fun. 

We have made this trip and many others so many times and yet it never gets boring.  This trip will be bitter sweet.  This will be the first time that our oldest will not be joining us.  She has a life of her own for the most part.  College, work, boyfriend, and being a young adult has her going in another direction this time.  I will have to enjoy this trip because now I realize that the kids are growing up and soon there will be fewer on these little treks.  Before long it will be just Erin and I adventuring alone like we did when we started out 20 years ago.

We will take in three games in Arizona.  I look forward to seeing a little baseball.  It is long overdue and needed.  The sights, sounds, and smells of the game will be greatly appreciated.  I want to hear the sound Josh Hamilton’s bat makes on the ball.  I need to feel the hot sun on my face, see graceful sight of a Young, Kinsler, Brousard double play.  Soak it all in and satisfy the need for a little baseball.  This should hopefully keep me until April 8th.  A little fun and sun before the long season begins.  A vacation before the real fun begins.  It just can’t get any better that this.

Go Rangers!


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