Juan Gonzalez Returns

I love Tim Kurkjian and his opinion, So check this out.


I’m not totally sure how I feel about this.  I guess all I can say is good luck Juan.  The ending of his career as it sits now was pretty sad.  Maybe he can redeem himself with the Cardinals.  Much like Sammy did with us last year.  Sammy may not play again in the Major Leagues, but his final chapter is a lot nicer ending than how it ended in Baltimore.  Maybe Juan can make the end of his career a little nicer as well.  The end of his tenure with the Rangers in 2003 left a bad impression on an otherwise great Ranger career.  The injury plagued final seasons with Kansas City and Cleveland sure looked bad as well.  It didn’t help being named in the Mitchell report either.  Good Luck Juan.  You were a big part of Rangers history.  I wish you the best.

Go Rangers!


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