First Arm Down & Old Ball Parks

Tough luck for John Rheinecker and his arm.  I hope that surgery goes well for him and we get to see him again before the 2008 season is over.  He really made a mark at the end of the 07 season in the bullpen.  I had hoped that he could carry that over to this year.  Please get well soon John and best wishes from the Flying Fish.  That’s a little inside joke from the Rangers Alumni Cruise we have between The Snake Pit and the Rheinickers.  Question now is what this loss does for the situational lefty role in the bullpen?  I’m curious to see who steps into that position if it is kept open. 

We are making plans to visit New York in July after the All-Star break.  I know it is the dreaded Yankees, but I cannot let this season go by with out visiting one of the most storied ball-yards in baseball history.  It is a shame to see Yankee Stadium go away at the end of this season.  Opened in 1923, it has been the scene of more baseball drama than any other park in baseball history.  There will only be two old time stadiums left after to loss of Yankee Stadium.  Sad will be the day when Fenway Park and Wrigley Field see the wrecking ball.  With Fenway (1912), Wrigley (1914), and Yankee Stadium (1923) no other Major League stadium is in use that is older than the early 60s. Do you know what the next oldest stadium is?  Dodgers Stadium and RFK Stadium were opened in 1962.  Dodgers stadium was in continuous use where as the RFK has seen the Senators and Nationals with a 34 year break between 1971 and 2005.  The oldest American League stadium next to Fenway and Yankee Stadium is Angels Stadium opened in 1966.  Oakland’s stadium was opened in 1966 as well but the A’s did not move in until 1968.  Today’s demanding public require state of the art facilities to experience a game in.  I can never see the Red Sox ever leaving old Fenway Park and the Cubs have no desire to leave Wrigley.  Maybe those two old timers will stick around for a bit longer.  There is great website to go to to learn about all the old, current, and new ballparks here.

Check out some of the old timers that have long since seen the wrecking ball.  Speaking of ball-yards, our relatively young Rangers Ballpark in Arlington could use a bit of an overhaul itself.  Not much mind you.  Just a bit of modernization would be great.

Go Rangers!



  1. Craig

    Sarah you more than welcome to come and visit the Snake Pit when you are in town. We are always there. Come on up and say Hey. It it great fun to cheer on our Texas Rangers. The more the merrier. Angel is doing great. She is a little more active this year. I’m teaching my Quaker Parrot to sing “Take Me Out To the Ballgame.” My parrot’s cage sits right next to Angel’s. Needless to say Angel might smell parrot and think lunch.

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