Baseball Anywhere Anytime

I just got off the phone with the ever popular Vikki of the Snake Pit.  She has been in Lexington Ky for the the past 10 days for work.  During this time she has visited the Louisville Slugger factory in Louisville and Apple-bee Stadium home of the Lexington Legends.  The Legends are the Singe-A affiliate of the Houston Astros.  Even in the midst of race horse country you can get your fix for baseball.  When ever you travel, take the opportunity to catch a minor league game.  You can find a team just about anywhere in the United States.  Who knows, you might get to see the next Babe Ruth at his humble beginnings.  It scares me to think of Vikki as a season ticket holder with the Lexington Legends.  She could be the Annie Savoy of the South Atlantic League.

Go Vikki!


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