No Takers for Bonds

I am not surprised that there is nothing happening on the Barry Bonds free agent market.  For the right team Barry could be a major bat in the middle of any lineup.  Dispite all, he can still mash the ball and have an impact.  I do believe he would be best suited in the American League where he doesn’t have to be a defensive liability in the outfield.  Gee, I would almost be interested in trying out Barry in my lineup.  That is if all I got was the bat.  If you could leave behind all the histroy, baggage, ego, and legal matters behind, you bet I would.  Apparently the intangable costs of having Barry Bonds on your team is more than any team is willing to take on.  Maybe the financial price tag is a bit too high, but I think there is more to it than dollar signs on this one.


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