This has been a fabulous night!  Kam’s Snake Pit has been reconized as Texas Rangers Fans of the Year.  We cannot be more honored.  We love our Texas Rangers and love going to all the games.  We love our friend and hero Kameron Loe as well as all the players on the team.  It is great to have them notice the crazy, loud, and devoted fans in the upper deck.  We were given a new official Kam’s Snake Pit banner to hang from the railing.  Better yet it tells all who look up to the upper deck that we are Rangers Fans of the Year!  As always you will find us up in section 323, so come on up and say hey.  We welcome all.  Come a cheer for our Rangers in the Pit.

Again this year we will be baby sitting Kameron’s snake while he is away to Spring Training.  It will be nice to have Angel come and visit again this year while Kam is off in Arizona. 

We had a great time at the Texas Rangers Sluggers of the West Banquet tonight.  A good time was had by all.  It was great to see all of our old Friends from the ball park there.  We would like to thank all of our friends in the Rangers organization for the nomination and support as Fans of the Year.  Big thanks to Andrew Silverman, Ken Troupe, J Willms, and Jason Fortune.  Thank you as well to Nick and Chad.  Thank you to all I may have forgotten.  I cannot forget our friend Mike Ogulnick of KRLD Sports Central and Rangers Reply.  He has been a big supporter of ours.  We love his show and welcome him a  member of The Snake Pit.   

We look forward to another great season of Rangers baseball and cannot wait for the season to begin.  In the mean time we will be planning for our trip to spring training.

We hope to see you at Rangers Ball Park in Arlington.  Come by and help us cheer on our Texas Rangers.

Go Rangers!


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