The Snake Pit Lives On!

It has been way too long since I have taken the time to post anything Rangers.  My goodness, it has been since Halloween.  Well do not despair, The Snake Pit is alive and well.  Needless to say, we have not been idle during the off-season.  We have been doing many a thing Rangers this off-season.  Let me begin:

First and foremost, We went on a Cruise.  Oh my goodness was that fun!  My lovely bride and I as well as Snake Pit member Vikki took a little vacation in November.  Jim Sunberg and the Rangers Alumni was sponsoring a little Texas Rangers Legacy Cruise to Mexico.  It was more fun and any human being should be allowed to have.  We had the company of Jim Sunberg, Pete O’Brien, Curtis Wilkerson, Mark McLemore, John Rheinecker, and Kameron Loe. Of course they brought thier lovely wives, including Kameron’s date Justin.  Taht’s an inside joke there. In all there were about 46 cabins full of Ranger Fans, Staff, Players, and Alumni.  If you want 4 days of up close Ranger contact, this is the ticket.  Obviously there is going to be another one next year and we will definitely be on it.  In fact I have a few more Ranger fans that are going to jump on board with us.  If you are looking for a good time and help support Ranger Charities, this is the way to go.

Boy after that we just did not slow down.  Group sales party on December 1st was fun as well.  It was a great opportunity for myself to score some great prices on seats in the Snake Pit for my company for the second game of the 2008 season.  Look up into the Snake Pit on April 9Th against Baltimore.  Yep that’s right, Snake Pit will be 200+ strong on that night.  A great time was had going about the stadium throwing pitches in the bullpen, hitting balls in the batting cages, and a great Chalk talk with former Rangers.  Another great can’t miss time was had by all.

We had to show up for kick off party at the new Rangers sales office in Dallas.  Very nice place on McKinney Street.  By then Andy Silverman was getting tired of seeing us.  Yes Andy, we do have to show up for everything.

The Christmas Spirit was strong during Ian Kinsler’s Toys for Tots drive with the Marine Corp as well.  There were carolers and cold weather.  It was great to have the kids give up a little of their Christmas for the Marines and Toys for Tots. 

Let’s not forget the Baseball as America exhibit at the Dallas Museum.  We were Lucky enough to take part in Tim Kurkjain’s question and answer session.  Lots of Baseball goodies from days gone by was there to be seen.  I have got to make it to Cooperstown!

Jamie Newberg’s book signing was also on the agenda for December.  We made that one just in time due to busy schedules, but is was a pleasure to be there again at the Rangers new sales office in Dallas.

During all of this time, there were plenty of old friends and new friends to be seen.  All I can say is that the baseball season never ends around here.  You want to have a good baseball time?  Just hang with us.  But wait, there is more.  We are not done yet.

We are slated to have lunch with Ranger front office personnel on the 16Th for a town hall meeting.  That should be enjoyable.  The end of January is rolling around and we have more to do.  January 25Th is the Sluggers of the West awards Banquet.  This will be our third year to attend this great party.  The Snake Pit has to have a table of its own.  We also have Rangers Fan Fest the following day on January 26Th.   I’m sure we will hit a date or two on the Rangers Caravan tour as well.  Don’t forget spring training is coming and we are making plans for a little trip to Arizona.  Whew!  I have to stop now, I’m tired.

Hope to see you all around the Ball Park.  Gate open April 8, 2008

Go Rangers!


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