Is The Season Really Over?

OK First of all, I did not die and drop off the face of the earth.  I feel bad for not posting anything since the beginning of September.  I just got really busy and stuff the last two months.  Believe me, I took in all the Baseball a sane human being can stand over the last two months. 

Topic 1:  The Playoffs and World Series.  I did not have any dispute about who made the postseason this year.  How can you?  After 162 game season, if your in, no one can dispute the fact that you deserve to be there.  The Wild Card format is the final equalizer.  Gone are the days of a 102 win season shut out of the playoffs.  I can fondly remember an Atlanta, San Francisco division that saw a team win 100 games and not make the playoffs.  Now that is sad.  Thus I regress.  I have to tell you that this post season has got to have been the biggest bore of recent memory.  5 sweeps out of 7 series.  You have got to be kidding me.  It was great for the teams that did the sweeping, but a total bore for all of Major League Baseball.  There has not been a decent World Series since 2002.  The Angels – Giants contest was great.  Everything after that has been bad.  I know that a certain amount of timing is needed to make it through the playoffs to the big enchilada.  In the end I feel the better balanced team won it all.  It was just so anti-climatic of a finish.  You knew the storming Rockies was going to come back to earth, it was just a matter of when.  I know that every series cannot go the distance, but it just seems to me that the past five years of competition has been so one sided.  Here’s hoping that 2008 playoffs will provide bigger thrills and chills for the October playoffs.

Thank you A-Rod.  You proved your sliminess with the announcement of your contract option during game four of the World Series.  It may have been your agent, but he works for you and that makes you ultimately responsible.  Just another example of a great player with questionable character.  Some of them get what they want and other never do, but in the end they are remembered for their character.  You are destined for greatness in the grand ole game, just not at our expense any more.

Finally, the Rangers and the off season.  Whew, what a can of worms this is going to be.  I’m going to have to save this one for a separate post.  Let me just say that I am going into the 2008 season with great anticipation as to how J.D. and the gang are going to solve this riddle.  What ever their solution, look for 2009 as the earliest the Rangers pull out a winning season with 2010 for playoffs.  That means 2008 is going to take a lot of patience.  It will still be a fun season, they always are.

Go Rangers!


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